Service Offerings
Our services include:

  • Summerization (openings)
  • Winterization (closings)
  • Weekly pool service
  • Spa service
  • Equipment repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Liner changes
  • Tile repair
  • Acid washes

Summerization typically involves three visits over a 2 week period, and includes the following steps:

  • Safety cover removal, cleaned, folded and stored
  • Equipment installed and system assembled
  • Walls, tiles and all surfaces scrubbed
  • (If necessary, acid washes will be charged separately)
  • Cover anchors removed or screwed down
  • Auto-fill turned on
  • Heaters tested
  • Pool pump turned on, set for 24 hr filtration
  • Initial chemical analysis & treatment performed
  • Pool vacuumed
  • Chemicals balanced
  • Time clocks set for optimal water filtration

Winterization is usually handled with a single visit, and includes the following steps:

  • Final clean-up vacuum performed
  • Water level lowered below wall returns
  • Water treated with winter algaecide
  • Pumps unplugged and stored
  • Auto-fill disconnected and stored
  • All pool lines blown and winterized with anti-freeze
  • Skimmers plugged with gizmos and filled with anti-freeze
  • Pool cover taken out of storage and securely installed
  • All baskets, plugs, fittings and hardware stored
  • Pumps disconnected and placed into storage

Weekly service includes:

  • Scrubbing of walls and tiles
  • Skimmer baskets emptied
  • Pool and spa vacuumed
  • Water surface netted
  • Equipment tested
  • Visual inspection for leaks
  • Water chemistry tested, analyzed and balanced in accordance with industry standards
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$69 Weekly Rates for Most Pools Openings from $425 if you call by May 1
"We hired Penguin Pools after trying other pool contractors in the area over a 5 year period. We tried small, which worked for a little while then just disappeared, and we tried the biggest, which left us with expensive, non- working equipment, failed service, and outright rip-offs. We went through an interview process and selected Jeff and Penguin Pools. That was three years ago. Pools aren't perfect, but we have not experienced anything but the most professional service, and our pool has never looked better. We are very pleased with the Penguin staff, and just find the operation to be well managed and professional. We absolutely recommend Penguin Pools."

Jim M, Southampton 
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